Wedding Gallery

Experience the first moments of your new lives together, and immortalize your love for generations to come with wedding packages by Tom Harvey Event Photography of Rochester, New York. For over a decade, Tom Harvey’s images have been cherished by his clients and their families, with unmatched beauty and professionalism to ensure that you and yours can enjoy your special day, and feel confident that your memories are being preserved with breathtaking clarity that perfectly embodies the spirit of your union.

From the bridal shower, to marriage announcements, the ceremony, and reception, Tom Harvey’s wedding photography will come to define your experiences, and are available in a variety of packages and formats to suit your needs.

Continue exploring the site for more on Tom Harvey Event Photography’s available packages and pricing structures, or visit our Contact Us page to arrange an appointment and learn more about what you can expect from our services. We are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.